Ms. Amicia Mussenden

(Director of Communication)

Office of Information and Communication Technology

Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

The ICT Centre operates as a department of the Ministry of Communications and is located at the C. A. Paul Southwell Industrial Site in Basseterre. The Department is headed by a Director of Technology. Our staff of approximately 27 persons includes:

  • ICT Policy Advisor
  • Coordinator (Development)
  • Coordinator (Networks)
  • Administrative Officer
  • ICT Development Officer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Network Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Server Administrator
  • Technical Specialist
  • Technicians
  • Programmer 

Mission Statement

To enable an innovative public service that enables citizen empowerment through improved empirical data analysis, green technologies and global information security

What We Do

We have the responsibility of implementing the policy directives and the government’s global ICT initiatives as adopted by the National ICT Governance Board. As part of this mandate, the department is committed to providing technical project management and compliance support regarding National ICT Governance Board decisions.

The ICT policy of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis includes:

  • the enhancement of relevant legislation and policy framework
  • the improvement of availability of information 
  • the improvement of the integrity and confidentiality of information
  • the reduction of skill gaps within the various sectors of the government
  • the improvement of governance
  • the modernization of the services of the government
  • the improvement of public-private partnerships in all relevant  aspects of mutual interest as between the government and the private sector

How We Carry Out Our Mandate

Within the Office of Information and Communication Technology there are several organizational units dedicated to pursuing:

  • establishment and policing of ICT Policy
  • promotion of the concepts and practices associated with the ideal of E-Government
  • relevant administration and accounting
  • technician services related to management and maintenance of the government-wide computer network system
  • Technical support related to trouble-shooting services to all users of the government-wide computer network system
  • Management of telecommunication services
  • Development and management of government online services

The ICT Policy, Standards & Research unit collects, analyses and disseminates national ICT metrics, leads the development of the ICT Strategic Vision, maintains ICT policies, standards and procedures for the government, takes appropriate steps to strengthen ICT governance measures, and monitors and develops policy responses to emerging technologies. 

The E-Government unit leads initiatives in regards to whole-of-government enterprise architecture solutions, drives all efforts geared at promoting government online services, conducts and maps work process reviews.

The Administration and Accounting unit manages all accounting functions, supervises and provides oversight of all operations and coordinates registration in regards to the KN domain.

The Training and Marketing function provides coordination for the civil servants training and certification testing and monitors and develops training programs in relation to emerging technologies; while also providing marketing for department essential services.

An ICT Infrastructure unit manages the government wide area network that provides information and telecommunication services for all of the government departments and manages government data centres and local innovation centres. 

How We Are Financed

The operations of the ICT Centre are financed by budgetary allocations through the Ministry of Finance as outlined in the Annual Estimates and Budget of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

How We Serve the Public

The Department engages a broad spectrum of stakeholders in discussions and other interactions in relation to the government’s thrust in several areas of development including digital transformation, cyber security and the promotion of e-government initiatives. We also provide facilitation for training in areas related to information and communication technology.

Who We Mostly Interact With 

  • The information technology units within all government ministries and departments
  • All users within the government-wide computer network system
  • Stakeholders in the field of technology services
  • Industry and commerce entities involved in dealing with technology infrastructure and equipment
  • Educational institutions

How You May Interact With Us

You may visit us at any time within regular working hours on weekdays or you may contact us by telephone at the following numbers:

  • 467 1389
  • 467 1410
  • 467 1426
  • 467 1432
  • 467 1568
  • 467 1594
  • 467 1607

You may interact with us on Facebook at

Some services related to training and available meeting spaces can also be accessed by visiting the online contact point for our Innovation Hub at

Ministries and Departments can connect with our technical support unit by contacting us via email at

On The Horizon

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It is the principal mission of the Office of the Attorney General to provide legal advice and services to and on behalf of The Crown, and to conduct and respond to all matters of litigation for and against The Crown or any Ministry or Agency of the Government.

Importantly, its mandate includes the extensive oversight of the legislative agenda of the Government.

The Office of the Attorney General also provides administrative support for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and superintends all matters relating to the Electoral Office.

Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs ensures that the rule of law is facilitated and supported by the various mechanisms by which citizens can have equal access to the justice system and by which they can be afforded the protection of the law. It also takes responsibility for ensuring that the statutes are updated and modernized to keep pace with an evolving society.

Quick and convenient access to important and noteworthy matters relevant to entities under the Office of the Attorney General and departments within the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

Hon. Garth Wilkin
Attorney General

Ms. Diana Francis
Permanent Secretary

(Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs)

The Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General is chiefly responsible for providing legal counsel and advice to the Executive Branch of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis. The functioning of the Office is rooted in the Constitution and is further detailed by the provisions of the Attorney General’s Act Cap 3.02 of the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

One of the more prolific manifestations of the advisory functions of the Office of the Attorney General is its contribution to the legislative agenda of the government. As such, the responsibility of preparation of all legislation: from conceptualization to the presentation of Bills and the crafting of Regulations falls within the purview of the office.

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