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Mr. Elvin Bailey

Supervisor of Elections

Electoral Office

Office of the Attorney General

Who We Are

The Electoral Office operates under the aegis of the Office of the Attorney General. However, its operations are subject to the Constitutional guidance of the Supervisor of Elections who is an independent constitutional functionary who in turn is supervised by an independent Electoral Commission, comprised as follows:

  • Mr. Nassibou Butler                Chairman
  • Mr. O’Grenville Browne                    Member
  • Mr. Jason Hamilton                 Member

The activities of the Electoral Office are in keeping with the functional duties of the Supervisor of Elections supported by specially appointed Registration Officers.

The entire electoral process is governed by the provisions outlined in the Constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis and The National Assembly Elections Act (Cap 2.01) of the Laws of St. Kitts and Nevis.

There are two office locations in St. Kitts and Nevis: one in Basseterre on St. Kitts and one in Charlestown on Nevis; managed by an Officer in Charge and Office Manager, respectively, with staff complement totaling six (6) and three (3), respectively.

Our Mission Statement

One Person, One Vote, In the Right Place, and Fairness to All.

What We Do

Enrolment of Voters; Issuance of National Identification Cards; Preparation of Registers and Lists of Voters; Publication of Lists of Voters; Procuring and Managing all of the materials involved in the Conduct of Voting in any Election or Referendum; Collating All Documents and Other Information related to the electoral process

How We Are Financed

The operations of the Electoral Office are financed by budgetary allocations via the Office of the Attorney General as outlined in the Annual Estimates and Budget of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

How We Serve the Public

We render our service by:

(a)Facilitating and Managing the Enrolment/Voter Registration Process; (b) Documenting, compiling and storing all relevant information pertaining to enrolments by voters, (Monthly lists, Revised Monthly Lists); (c) Publication of lists in concert with Registration Officers; (d) Taking Photograph of Every Person Enrolling to be a Voter;  (e) Compilation and publication of the Annual Register in concert with the Supervisor of Elections; (f) Providing logistical support to the Supervisor of Elections in the conduct of any Election or Referendum.

Who We Mostly Interact With 

(a) Persons enrolling to be registered as Voters   

(b) Registration Officers 

(c) Agents of Political Parties or Candidates 

(d) Registrar of Deaths

(e) Members of the Public

(f) The media

How You May Interact With Us

You may visit our offices in Basseterre or Charlestown to conduct any related business. In order to engage in the process of enrolment, you should bring along one (1) form of government issued identification.


See LIST OF FORMS (Registration) HERE

See Schedule to the Election Registration Regulations HERE


See Schedule to the National Assembly Elections Act HERE


Periodic Publications

  • Monthly Lists of Enrolments
  • Revised Monthly Lists of Enrolments
  • Annual Register of Voters

    We Encourage Feedback (from Public and Stakeholders) 

    You may provide feedback (inquiry, query, suggestion) at any time via the following modes:

    • Write a Letter
    • Phone in to our office
    • Walk in and interact with our staff

    It is the principal mission of the Office of the Attorney General to provide legal advice and services to and on behalf of The Crown, and to conduct and respond to all matters of litigation for and against The Crown or any Ministry or Agency of the Government.

    Importantly, its mandate includes the extensive oversight of the legislative agenda of the Government.

    The Office of the Attorney General also provides administrative support for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and superintends all matters relating to the Electoral Office.

    Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

    The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs ensures that the rule of law is facilitated and supported by the various mechanisms by which citizens can have equal access to the justice system and by which they can be afforded the protection of the law. It also takes responsibility for ensuring that the statutes are updated and modernized to keep pace with an evolving society.

    Quick and convenient access to important and noteworthy matters relevant to entities under the Office of the Attorney General and departments within the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

    Hon. Mr. Vincent Byron
    Attorney General

    Ms. Diana Francis
    Permanent Secretary

    (Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs)

    The Office of the Attorney General

    The Office of the Attorney General is chiefly responsible for providing legal counsel and advice to the Executive Branch of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis. The functioning of the Office is rooted in the Constitution and is further detailed by the provisions of the Attorney General’s Act Cap 3.02 of the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

    One of the more prolific manifestations of the advisory functions of the Office of the Attorney General is its contribution to the legislative agenda of the government. As such, the responsibility of preparation of all legislation: from conceptualization to the presentation of Bills and the crafting of Regulations falls within the purview of the office.

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