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New Homes for Departments

New Homes for Departments within Office of the AG and MJLA

Former "C&C Building" to be the home of several units superintended by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General as the recently acquired property is remodeled going into 2021

Attorney General Reflects on COVID-19

Attorney General Reflects on the Early Stages of the War on COVID 19 During 2020

Attorney General Hon. Vincent Byron explains how the fight against COVID-19 was orchestrated in 2020 using an 'all of society approach' with government playing a coordinative role

Christmas Cheer 2020

Office of the AG and MJLA Spreads Christmas Cheer

AG Byron and staff forego annual camaraderie exercise in deference to spreading Christmas cheer to others

Budgetary Provisions for 2021

Budgetary Provisions for 2021 Passed in National Assembly

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hon Dr. Timothy Harris presents $867.9 Million Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2021

Brand New Annex

Brand New Annex to the Basseterre Court Facilities Completed

Attorney General highlights the upgrade in court and legal services made possible by having the newly constructed Annex

From the SoE

From the SoE – Vol II No 5: Claims and Objections; A Gender Perspective

Supervisor of Elections examines a peculiar revelation regarding female registrants

Registrar of Intellectual Property

Registrar of Intellectual Property - Featured Presenter at Bar Association Webinar

Ms. Jihan Williams presented the topic: "Successful Trade Mark Applications - Questions to Ask Your Client and What You Need to Know"

National Assembly

National Assembly Passes One (1) of Three (3) Bills Presented at Sitting on 3rd September 2020

Attorney General Hon Vincent Byron weighs in on the Advance Cargo Information Bill 2020

Virtual Court

The Virtual Court Is Here! The ECSC Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chief Justice has introduced the use of electronic communication, video and teleconferencing, to conduct hearings in each of the Member States and Territories.

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