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ECCB Officials meeting with Federal Cabinet (2/7/2018)  The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has commended St.kitts and Nevis, under the leadership of the Team Unity Administration, on its outstanding economic performance and leadership in the sub-region.
IMF official describes St.kitts growth performance as impressive (2/7/2018) Meeting in the cabinet room of Government Headquarters, which took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan 29th 2018 among the St.kitts-Nevis authorities, IMF officials, and other stakeholders during the last day of the 2018 article four (IV) Consultation to St.kitts and Nevis.
PM Harris address matters of national interests (2/7/2018) Prime minister Dr. Timothy Harris is pleased to once more update citizens and residence of St.kitts and nevis on matters of national interest.

It is the principal mission of the Office of the Attorney General to provide legal advice and services to and on behalf of The Crown, and to conduct and respond to all matters of litigation for and against The Crown or any Ministry or Agency of the Government.

Importantly, its mandate includes the extensive oversight of the legislative agenda of the Government.

The Office of the Attorney General also provides administrative support for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and superintends all matters relating to the Electoral Office.

Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs ensures that the rule of law is facilitated and supported by the various mechanisms by which citizens can have equal access to the justice system and by which they can be afforded the protection of the law. It also takes responsibility for ensuring that the statutes are updated and modernized to keep pace with an evolving society.

Quick and convenient access to important and noteworthy matters relevant to entities under the Office of the Attorney General and departments within the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

Hon. Garth Wilkin
Attorney General

Ms. Diana Francis
Permanent Secretary

(Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs)

The Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General is chiefly responsible for providing legal counsel and advice to the Executive Branch of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis. The functioning of the Office is rooted in the Constitution and is further detailed by the provisions of the Attorney General’s Act Cap 3.02 of the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

One of the more prolific manifestations of the advisory functions of the Office of the Attorney General is its contribution to the legislative agenda of the government. As such, the responsibility of preparation of all legislation: from conceptualization to the presentation of Bills and the crafting of Regulations falls within the purview of the office.

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